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Maggie the Little Tuxedo Girl

She’s too cute for words.
She knows exactly how to melt our hearts.
She was rescued by the Tonis Kitty Rescue in San Francisco and is now being cared for by Josh Norem of The Furrtographer. 
What she needs next is a forever loving home!

Photos by ©The Furrtographer - Via Love Meow


Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys performs headlining Day 3 of the Leeds Festival at Bramham Park on August 24, 2014 in Leeds, England by Gary Stafford. (photos)


following back tons


insta: @lostpetal


I hope whoever I marry is ready to have a ton of sex all the time.

Anonymous Asked:
What do you think of girls who cut themselves?

My answer:


Although cutting is NEVER the answer to your problems I do understand why people do it, I don’t judge people based on it and I never will although I may encourage them to find help or just be there for them as much as I can

Alex Turner aquiring and drinking a Coke.


Forty seconds of a truly impressive thunderstorm, which passed over Minneapolis earlier this week.

<3 04/10/14 <3

<3 Future firefighter <3

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